Free Fringe


Eat the rich. Sept 5-22, 2019  Scroll down for description of what this whole thing is about.

Eat the rich. Sept 5-22, 2019

Scroll down for description of what this whole thing is about.

What is Free Fringe?

It is a movement happening September 5 - 22nd. We are making it possible for people to participate in this festival/movement (Festiment?) for free. YOU get the venue. YOU do your show on any or all of the above dates at any time. YOU fill out the application. We publish and promote the info in our zine and on our site.

We also have a list of venues that have offered to donate their space. Check the VENUE list and contact them directly.

Say more.

It is a free version of a fringe festival. You got a show you want to make? Do it. Submit by clicking the top right form. We will promote your show. You also promote your show. We are in this together. You will do your show. Check out the NUDES *no one goes to FAQs for more info. Also this is your festival. Make of it what you wish.

What does that mean?

All of our shows are free. Free for the artist, free for the audience. Free to be included. Free to attend.

We encourage each producer/artist to pass a hat at the end of their show and all money they collect will go DIRECTLY to the producer/artist.

But if you cannot afford to throw a dollar in the hat, no sweat. Our shows are for everybody.

If you scroll down some more you will read a sweet origin story of the whole thang. If you have any questions email


Long ago, back in 1947, some rebellious artists showed up to an invite-only theater festival. They were not invited. They did not have the money or privilege to be included in the big fancy venues, with the big ass budgets, and the big fancy people with the big wigs.* So they showed up and did whatever the F they wanted, in the corners, crooks, nooks, lobbies, streets and parks of town, along the edges, and the outskirts of the theater elite. Thus, the Fringe was born.

These days it is getting a bit pricey to be involved. Even to have your name listed in the guide, ya gotta cough it up. Some bigger theaters are even becoming Fringe resellers. They offer spots to local artists who cannot afford to go at it alone, then take a substantial cut on the back end. They push their brand as the middle man between Fringe and the artists. Some of the top venues and big old theater companies in the city participate in Fringe. Sounds like the opposite of the story in the first paragraph, right?

Alright. Enough words. Time to take some action. Let’s free things up, shall we? SHALL WE?