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spaces are free. donating your space means artists can contact you
to inquire about space. Porch, backyard, stage, sidewalk etc if you’re willing to field artist requests to use your space, you can
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you as a person can also do a lot to help an artist get their show produced. register here

free space

  1. Grey Lodge in Mayfair

    6235 Frankford Ave

    Contact : Scoats 215-701-4919

  2. Scot Chan

    They have a gallery space 2731 Kensington Ave., 917-912-8124

  3. New Wave Cafe

    784 S 3rd Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    Contact: Sam Lynagh 215-313-1183.


    Clementine Arts Space

    1932 E Clementine St

    Managed by Jess Biggert

    Clementine Arts Space is a 490 square foot open studio in Kensington. It's work in progress, so only suitable as a rehearsal space this season.

    Email to see the space & book

  5. Tattooed Mom

    530 South Street

    Contact: Sarah

    All events are held upstairs, and must be 21+. The venue's tech capabilities are limited, so smaller productions work best in this space.


    Gil Johnsons is a BADASS and hooking up some freeness

    Panorama Philly at 5213 is open to free fringe rehearsals and performances for a pwyc - suggested donation 10/hr, but no one refused for lack of scratch. Currently we're mostly unbooked for all of july and august. I'm the point person for that, so feel free to give people my email. A/C there exists but works poorly

  7. Lucky 13 pub upstairs is available for low cost/potentially free performance space - contact clark newman at lucky 13 pub, Clark's preferred contact means is by text, to his cell at 215-219-1957

  8. Wooden Shoe books is super interested - - I think the person I talked to was named Matt? Or Mike? Contact them!

  9. Jacob Hammes

    Director - Pilot Projects

    Art gallery white cube space (White walls - Grey floor) No stage.

    We host mainly art exhibitions, but have also hosted dance, performance art, music, lectures, film screenings, and theatre performances.

    Capacity of 50

    Setup could require folding chairs, lighting, PA, depending on the project.

    for images of the space, scroll down this link:

  10. Cave! (DIY house venue in North Philadelphia)

    Lyle Drescher


    not wheelchair accessible

    Seating capacity: 50

  11. Tabernacle United Church: Contact Pastor Katie Aikins 404-423-2783

    3700 Chestnut Street

    Space available for up to 80 comfortably with A/C

    Possible times available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    This space has stairs, no elevator at the moment

    “Yes, Id be happy to offer the space. The community room is the best space since it can be set up in multiple ways.”


    The Rotunda -

    4014 Walnut Street

    The Rotunda is wheelchair accessible with a ramp into the building (right side of the building toward the back) and a ramp to the stage (stage right). There is also an accessible gender neutral restroom stage right.

    “This is a room with an open floor and a stage (12x24) with sound system, lighting, and video projection. It can seat 125 max or can accommodate 350 standing. This venue is heavily booked so we may not have openings that work with your schedule but we'll try!”

  13. Dirty Franks - Contact

    347 S. 13th St.

    A horseshoe shaped bar located at the corner of 13th & Pine St.

free resources

  1. Damara MP They/them. People can contact them at

    “I able to run live sound through an analog board. I don’t have my own equipment but I can run it. And set up and tear down, I’m all for!”

  2. Adam Steiger - Stage Manager,

    “I can lift heavy things, help with box office, whatever is needed.”

  3. Jess Destafano - Resources

    215-568-8077 x 108

    “No full on SM or PM but if there are people who hit a wall and are like "aahhhhhhhhhhhh i don't know what i'm doing or how to solve this problem!" I can absolutely be that kind of a resource.

    Also we will likely have soooome equipment available for rent, mostly in the lighting world.”

  4. Laurel Raczka -

    …have a bit more labor / cost connected to your free fringe philly show?

    I am most interested in supporting artists who are doing work outside of center city. But open to helping if I can with other resources.